Wild West Style

Wild West Style

On a desolate boulevard in front of the Happy Flower Café, William CATFISH” Hancock, former confederate of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, calls out six Nazi soldiers, whose conquest and occupation have ruined his retirement. Café garçon Jean Malheur watches the old cowboy gun down the soldiers as the bells of Notre Dame toll. He saves Catfish by shooting a wounded Nazi about to fire. Now a wanted man, Jean flees with Catfish to Norman country. Along the trail, they pick up other desperate men on the run, forming a gang of French outlaws who take the fight to the Nazis, Wild West style.

the only hope France had was in outlaws

After robbing a bank in Argentan, Catfish and La Bande Sauvage head south for the Spanish border. Catfish’s thoughts turn to his pards, past and present, including one whom the Nazis have captured. He decides to return to Paris to save Hiccup. He has lived a life in which he ran away from the consequences of his decisions, and understands that he must finally face the sum of his failures. Jean accompanies Catfish with hopes of wooing Moue Bouche, the girl he left behind.

Back in Berlin, the Nazi bosses aren’t happy that an old cowboy is able to put up more of a fight than the whole French army. The SS send their most ruthless gunfighter, SS Major Bartholomew Schwartz, a.k.a. BLACK BART, to put Catfish down. But Black Bart shares a secret past with Catfish. In 1908, Black Bart went and saw Catfish at Brazos Billy’s Wild West Show. Catfish took the boy into the saddle and ever since, Black Bart had dreams of becoming a cowboy. Now, in order to survive, he must kill his childhood hero, or find himself swinging from the gallows.

With the help of a chanteuse spy and a pair of British agents, Catfish is able to hold up the train and rescue his pard, Hiccup. But the getaway is foiled when Moue double-crosses Jean and the gang for the love of a manipulative Communist. In the moment she betrays Jean, Moue feels remorse and realizes that she loves him.

Black Bart and his SS posse track the outlaws down and surround them in an abandoned chateau. Catfish gets the others to safety but is too wounded in the gunfight to make it himself. Black Bart calls out Catfish.

So,” Catfish says, “you’re the man that’s been looking for me.”
No,” Black Bart replies, “I’m the man who found you.”

Catfish knows the past has caught up to him and understands what his consequence must be. The bells of the village toll noon.

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