A Lifetime of Adventure

A Lifetime Of Adventure

They say that history is written by the winner. If that’s true, then it’s made by both winners and losers. Folks who got caught up in times bigger than themselves and by quirks of chance or destiny, they’ve been remembered and forgotten.

Catfish lived a life that stretched from America’s settling of the Wild West to her greatest victory over evil. He never sought glory, just a

way to get by in a world that was changing faster then he could figure it out. It was by chance that he rode with Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, charged up the San Juan Heights with Teddy Roosevelt, and traveled to Europe three times: once with Brazos Billy’s Wild West Show, the other with General Black Jack Pershing, and the last during his retirement in Paris, before the Nazis invaded.

It wasn’t all champagne and sunny skies. The pain of losing his close pards and the loneliness that comes from being the last of the breed weighed heavy on his heart. But life is for the living and history is for those who have gone ahead.

timeline below

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